I am a Former Unlv football player. After tearing my ACL during a spring game I began my career as a personal
trainer. I fell in love with changing people lives by inspiring them and getting them in the best shape possible. I
Founded Ace Fitness in 2015 continuing my mission of developing the mind body and soul. We are growing
fast and touching lives all over the Las Vegas Area.

Eduacation and Certification
Master Trainer. Certified Life Coach. BA from UNLV in psychology and communication.

Athletic Training/ Physic and Figure/ Booty Building/ Diet and Nutrition

The hard work and dedication it takes to be great is endless. You have to continue to grow and develop as a
whole. When you see what you want don't stop working til you get it. Once you get it, you have to work to keep
it! It's a process. -Ace Billions